It’s All About Elephants at North Florida’s Two Tails Ranch!

January 23rd, 2017 by Corey A Edwards

It's All About Elephants - Two Tails RanchAll About Elephants Two Tails Ranch near Gainesville, FL is an elephant care facility offering privately guided tours. The privately owned ranch boards elephants – and other exotic creatures – in need of temporary or permanent housing.

You don’t expect to see elephants in Florida and yet the coast’s climate is just about perfect for them, being nearly identical to their native homelands.

Two Tails Ranch was founded in 1984 as both temporary boarding and a permanent home for elephants in need. Some have come here in retirement, many are only here while their exhibits are being prepared. Others still, come for training, medical, or even behavioral reasons.

Over the years more than 250 elephants have been boarded at the ranch. Two Tails Ranch has even seen the successful birth of two elephant babies: Romeo and Juliette in 1990 and 1991!

Two Tails Ranch opened to the public as All About Elephants, Inc. in 2008. The mission: to instill awareness in the public via on-site educational programs on the past, present, and future of elephants. All About Elephants offers private guided tours of their facility. Visitors to the ranch will learn and interact with elephants like nowhere else.

All About Elephants currently has 8 full-time elephant residents. Visitors to the ranch may have the opportunity to see hand-feed, or even ride an elephant during the tour. Residents may perform tricks, paint, or otherwise interact and entertain. It all depends on what elephants are at the ranch at the time.

The elephants at the 67-acre Two Tail Ranch roam in freestyle enclosures. The director of the ranch, Patricia Zerbini, has over 30 years of experience in the care and management of elephants. She is the ninth generation of the Zerbini Family to work with exotic animals and has traveled the globe working, training, and consulting on the care and management of elephants.

All About Elephants is home to more than elephants, too. The ranch also has some Grant zebras, African spur-thighed tortoises, red foot tortoises, an ostrich, emu, and even a camel!

The facility also has a museum containing a large collection of fossils, artifacts, and other elephant memorabilia.

While Two Tails Ranch is licensed by the USDA and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department, All About Elephants, Inc. does not receive any state or federal funding. Their only source of income is from visitors, donations, and off-site events. If you have an interest in these wonderful creatures, your visit will help support the ranch.

Two Tails Ranch – All About Elephants

18655 NE 81st Street, Williston, FL 32696
Be sure to visit Two Tails Ranch online at for tour rates, hours, and more information.

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